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bengal lights is a literary journal published from dhaka, bangladesh. our tastes are cosmopolitan: no location, no writer, no genre is off-limits. we welcome all writers: established or beginning, grizzled veterans or fresh-faced newbies, versed in the classics or cyber-narratives. we also seek to publish quality writing from bangladesh and south asia, but above all we seek to be engaged, to be a bazaar where all genres can mingle and multiply.

we want you. write to us, talk to us, feel free to rant or rave, send a poem or the old-fashioned travelogue. we would be as pleased to publish a vintage but well-crafted story about true love as to rumble with a graphic novel about life in the rough lanes of dhaka, detroit or dar-es-salaam.

we seek writing that reflects the spirit and diverse voices of bangladesh and the rest of south asia. we also want expressive writing from the wider world beyond it. we are searching for fresh voices and new talent. we seek to forge literary connections between bangladesh and the wider world.

initially, two issues will be published each year, in spring and autumn. we are currently open for submissions for the spring 2014 issue. please click on submissions for guidelines. issue 3 (autumn 2013) is now published and available in quality bookstores throughout dhaka. the kindle e-book will be available soon - please check back for updates!

seeing the need for expansion of this enterprise and to promote quality writing from bangladesh, we recently set up the imprint of bengal lights books - launched at the Hay Festival Dhaka in November 2013. find out more at bengal lights books!

THROUGH LOVE'S GREAT POWER - new poem by Vikram Seth - click here to read!


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