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creative writing in english is on the verge of a real efflorescence in bangladesh today. more of us are starting to write in english, forming book clubs and writers’ groups, attending literary fairs and with the dhaka lit fest road show turning up in town last year, in wanting to host them in dhaka. the key components missing in that picture are: robust editing, publishing and promotional support, and that’s where bengal lights books, and it’s annual journal bengal lights hopes to come in.

bengal lights books (blb)
blb is a publishing house that seeks to find expressions in fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction that feel utterly fresh, urgent and relevant across borders. we are looking to uncover new bangladeshi talent and work with them to lead their creative ideas towards publication.

we aim to also serve the need for publishing quality translations of bengali – and other languages too – into english, and therefore work closely with ulab’s dhaka translation center (dtc). our partnerships with like-minded publishers abroad – such as the us-based unnamed press and phoneme media – help bangladeshi writers find a global audience.

bengal lights, the literary journal
no genre or topic is off-limits for our annual literary journal, bengal lights. our tastes are cosmopolitan: no location, no writer, no genre is off-limits. we welcome contributions from all writers, whether established or new. we are also looking for new genres and forms of narrative, particularly nonfiction and memoirs.

we want you. write to us, talk to us, feel free to rant or rave, send a poem or the old-fashioned travelogue. we would be as pleased to publish a vintage but well-crafted story about true love as to rumble with a graphic novel about life in the rough lanes of dhaka, detroit or dar-es-salaam.

we seek writing that reflects the spirit and diverse voices of bangladesh and the rest of south asia. we also want expressive writing from the wider world beyond it. we are searching for fresh voices and new talent. we seek to forge literary connections between bangladesh and the wider world.

there will be one print issue each year, as well as a dynamic, evolving website for continuous conversation, with a full menu of event reporting, literary news, writer profiles, book reviews, blogs, videos and online prose and poetry.

though we began with the idea of promoting bangladeshi writing, it soon became apparent to us that limiting our pages to any one country, or region, was not the way to go. we welcome not just bangladeshi writers in english, or south asians, but all writers, from all points of the globe.through the journal, we seek to forge literary connections between bangladesh and the wider world and introduce fascinating new voices from abroad to the local readership.

link up with us. send your writings, suggestions, anything that seems relevant and helpful, or just take out a subscription. 

bengal lights is published once in a year. the following writers and academics are the members of the journal’s advisory board:

  1. k. anis ahmed (publisher)
  2. khademul islam (editor)
  3. david shook (america)
  4. amit chaudhuri (india)
  5. keki daruwalla (india)
  6. jatindra k. nayak (india)
  7. daya dissanayake (sri lanka)
  8. muneeza shamsie (pakistan)
  9. abhi subedi (nepal)
  10. firdous azim
  11. kaiser haq
  12. fakrul alam
  13. ahmede hussain
  14. syed manzoorul islam
  15. razia sultana khan
  16. sadaf saaz siddiqi
  17. ahsan akbar

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was published in November 2018
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